De-Promoterisation of Promoters classified as co-promoters of the Company

This is to inform you that on 25th February, 2016 following promoters (part of Promoter and Promoter Group) has sold and entirely divested their shareholding to other members of Promoter Group constituting 113585 Equity shares of the Total equity share of the Company.

  1. NO.
1. Jain Sushiladevi Gautamchand
2. Jain Ugamraj Dhanraj
3. Jain Dineshkumar Gautamchand                 
4. Jain Rishabhkumar Ugamraj                    
5. Jain Himanshu Ugamraj                        
6. Jain Peenakumari Gautamchand                 
7. Jain Manishkumar Gautamchand                 
8. Sushiladevi Ugamraj                          
9. Rinkukumari Kantilal                         
10. Jain Nikeshkumar Mahavirchand                
11. Jain Minnat Mahavirchand                     
12. Jain Pushpadevi Mahavirchand                 
13. Jain Mahavirchand Dhanraj                    
14. Jain Dhanraj Nathmalji
15. Jain Gautamchand Dhanraj
16. Jain Rupidevi Dhanrajji

 On account of the aforesaid reason and taking cognizance of the request of Promoters, the Company shall cease to treat above promoters as its promoters with immediate effect.

 Accordingly, all requirements related to “Promoters” under applicable laws(including Companies Act, 2013, Securities Exchange Board of India ( Substantial Acquisitions of Shares and Takeover) Regulations, 2011, Securities and Exchange Board of India ( Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulation, 1992, Equity Listing Agreement and Securities Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosures Requirements) Regulations, 2015  shall cease to Promoters and they shall no longer be disclosed in the “Shareholding of promoter and promoter group” category in any disclosures made by the company in accordance with applicable laws.