Kayel Securities Limited is an integrated financial services company, offering a wide range of services to a significant clientèle.

The Company has interests in investment, and financial services. While each of these businesses is independent in itself, they share the Group’s belief of trust being the most important factor for the organisation. The values of integrity, teamwork, innovation, performance and partnership shape the corporate vision and drive it to its purpose.

To be the most trusted partner for every stakeholder in the financial world.

We believe:

  • Earning trust is a process (it can be gained and lost every day!)
  • Sharing trust creates great teams (whether between employees or between organisations)
  • Being trustworthy is the most efficient way of generating and retaining long-term business
  • Self–trust is the starting point of trusting others

We have always sought to be a value-driven organisation, where our values direct our growth and success.

Integrity: Integrity is fundamental to our business. We adhere to moral and ethical principles in everything we do as professionals, colleagues and corporate citizens. Our reputation based on our high standards of integrity is invaluable.

Teamwork: We believe extensive teamwork is what makes it possible for us to work together towards a common goal. We value and respect each individual’s commitment to group effort.

Client Focus: We always put the interest of our clients before our own. We understand our client needs, seek new opportunities for them, address them and deliver unique solutions as per their expectations. The success of our clients is the biggest reward for us.

Innovation: We understand our clients’ needs and develop solutions for the most complex or the simplest, the biggest or the smallest financial transactions, whether for individuals or institutions. Creativity and innovation are key factors to everything we do. We encourage new ideas which help us address unique opportunities.

Implementation: Our expertise, experience and our continuous focus on the quality of execution ensures effective implementation of our strategies.

Performance: We believe in development of our people and continuously hone our skills, setting higher targets of performance for ourselves. We strive to attract, develop and retain the best talent. We recognize and reward talent based on merit.

Partnership: Our relationships with all our stakeholders reflect our spirit of partnership. Clients see us as trusted advisors, shareholders see us as partners and employees see us as family. We respect, trust and support all our stakeholders.